Winton Place







The Gold Standard for Cleveland Living

Before the Tower

Alexander Winton, one of America’s most important automobile manufacturers, built a home for his family on the Lake Erie shoreline in 1902 – the same land where Winton Place would eventually rise. Sixty years later, on May 25, 1962, Central Excavating started to tear the fine old mansion down.

Winton Place

Architectural Firm: Loebl, Schlossman & Bennett, Chicago, Illinois 

Interesting Facts about Winton Place

  • In 1963, Winton Place – a 30-story high-rise with a heliport and restaurant – was the tallest apartment structure between New York and Chicago 
  • Some of the members of the Regional Planning Commission objected to the building of Winton Place because they felt it was too tall, and would create a “Miami atmosphere”
  • It cost $14 million to build Winton Place
  • If the 5/8” reinforcing steel used in the building of Winton Place was laid end-to-end, it would cover 1,250 miles
  • For many years, Alexander Winton, Jr. lived on the 22nd floor
  • Winton Place was the first high-rise apartment building on the Gold Coast to turn condominium
  • Winton Place was the first condominium on the Gold Coast to hire a Manager that reports to the Board instead of a management company

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